OPG’s Nuclear Sustainability Services launches project

to reduce volume of irradiated spent resins and harvest isotopes

OPG’s Nuclear Sustainability Services (NSS) is continuing to develop innovative solutions to support a sustainable energy future and provide valuable products to our society.

In its latest initiative, NSS through OPG’s Centre for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability (CCNS), has launched a pilot project with two different suppliers: Framatome and CCNuclear (CCN). This project serves as a demonstration to reduce the volume of irradiated spent resins from OPG’s nuclear operations while also extracting valuable radioisotopes that will support cutting-edge life science research.

An integral component of nuclear power generation, ion exchange resins are generated by Ontario’s nuclear reactors. Reducing the volume of this waste combined with the possibility of harvesting isotopes means furthering our environmental stewardship, reducing our footprint, and providing valuable products to benefit our society.

“This innovative approach to waste reduction will help ensure the sustainability of our current and future nuclear operations,” said Kapil Aggarwal, VP of Nuclear Sustainability Services at OPG. “OPG, through NSS and the CCNS, are committed to continuing to explore and invest in new solutions that contribute to the safety and lower environmental impact of nuclear energy throughout its entire lifecycle, from operations to decommissioning.”

Launched in 2020, the CCNS is a collaborative centre, for both industry and community, focused on ensuring nuclear remains a sustainable technology for generations to come.

KINCARDINE, ON - APRIL 9  - Intermediate level nuclear waste is stored in inground containers at Ontario Power Generation's Western Waste facility in Kincardine, Ontario. OPG is planning to construct a Deep Geological Repository 680 metros underground at the site. April 9, 2015.  Bernard Weil/Toronto Star

In-ground containers where resin is stored.