Our Impact

We exist to support OPG's mission to achieve a net-zero economy and make sure nuclear always remains a benefit for future generations.

Our Purpose

What does tomorrow hold?
For the future of nuclear,
It feels exciting and full of opportunity.
It can be a chance to learn from the days before,
Or start fresh.
To bring the same excellence decommissioning the old,
as we did building the new.
To find innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle,
and pave the path forward to a net-zero future.
To repurpose sites for the benefit of the economy
and local communities.
And to bring industry, community, academia,
and our Indigenous partners together.
This is an open invitation for conversation,
fresh thinking and ideas.
This is our welcome to the experts,
the neighbours,
the skeptics,
and the curious.
This is our welcome to tomorrow,
and all the tomorrows that follow.
Let’s change the world together.

CCNS - Building Tomorrow Together


Our foundational pillars guide the all of the work that we do.


A dollar sign on a trillium flower

We will advance projects related to decommissioning and nuclear material management to create economic growth and new skilled job opportunities.


A light bulb icon

We're embracing new technologies and tackling technical challenges that will innovate the end of the nuclear lifecycle.


A playground icon

We're committed to engaging, consulting, and collaborating to create a positive lasting legacy for our host communities.


A thermometer beside a globe

We play a role in achieving OPG’s goal of being a net-zero company by 2040 and lead the way to a net-zero economy by 2050 through planning nuclear decommissioning in a sustainable, socially responsible way.