Who We Are

Learn more about our highly skilled and experienced team leading the CCNS towards strategic, innovative and sustainable solutions for nuclear power.

The Centre for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability (CCNS) is an innovation hub to lead and collaborate on sustainable and socially responsible plans for the end of the nuclear lifecycle.

What we do

We support OPG’s mission to achieve a net-zero economy by developing and promoting sustainable ways to minimize the impact of nuclear power generation throughout its entire lifecycle.

How we do it

By bringing together industry, community partners, and homegrown talent to create innovation, long-term solutions.

Why we do it

To prove that nuclear energy can be an enduring benefit today and for generations to come, far into the future.

Focus Areas


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We’re bringing the same excellence and spirit of innovation to decommissioning nuclear stations that we brought to building and operating them. We’re executing a long-term plan to make sure the job is done right.

Waste Stewardship

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We’re finding ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle the by-products of nuclear power generation. We’re refining plans for the stewardship of waste over the long term.

Site Repurposing

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We’re creating a lasting positive legacy for the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station site by understanding how the industry has repurposed other nuclear sites to productive uses for the benefit of the economy and local communities.


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We’re bringing together industry, community and Indigenous partners, and academia to create innovative, long-term solutions. We’re helping develop the next generation of diverse professional and leaders in the nuclear sector.

Interested in learning more?

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